Kurz nachgebellt: My way to the stars

DSC_7357b2 (Large)
Preparing for the trip. Is the suitcase big enough?

My first photo shooting in Munich. You all know I had many. But for the first time I met the charming photographer Inge Schroeder in her studio. I was a bit nervous. You know, I am always nervous when I have to pose. But Inge hugged me and whispered in my ear: „Gaston, we will have fun! No worries!“ Indeed, we had!

Here she is: Photographer Inge (right)!

Here she is: Photographer Inge (right)!

I arrived with my suitcase. In case I needed some personal stuff. But Inge had everything ready. Lots and lots of funny things to pose with! More than 3 hours I stood in front of the camera and all the lights. In between we played with different props. There were a pirate bandana, some artificial cakes with blinking lights (which you will see on my birthday on May 1), a red flower pot and a shopping trolley in small. Hilarious!

I got the photo shooting from Mum as my present. Last Christmas she purchased it by auction to support an animal rescue organization in Hungary. The country where I am from! I thought that idea was great since I was once also a rescue doggie.

DSC_7411b2 (Large) DSC_7234b (Large) DSC_7233b2 (Large)

DSC_7331 (Large)Have a look at the pictures! What do you think? Am I a looker? Tell me in the comments which photo you like most?
And now I have to relax!DSC_7175 (Large)
Yours, Gaston.

Ready for a shooting with Inge? Just contact her: info@studio-illucion.de


And here are some flowers for you!

And here are some flowers for you!

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