All about Blogging

IMG_2811 (Large)I’ve been blogging since May 2011.

Again I am thinking about my passion for doing so. Most of my friends from long time ago don’t get it. I am the only one who has a Blog. I think Bloggers have this special connection that Non-Bloggers won’t ever understand.

Speaking about myself, it is a wonderful place to meet likeminded, happy and creative people, that are so similar to myself, and whom I would have never met otherwise. It is probably one of my favourite things about Blogging.

It has definitely introduced me to a lot of interesting people, as well as to part of myself I didn’t know existed. I love how much this community supports each other. It’s a real wonderful thing.

I think Bloggers deserve much more recognition for their hard work. At the end of the day we put so much effort into creating a single post! And I always love to get some inspiration. Inspiration has never been so accessible.

Not all Bloggers help and support their Blogging counterparts, but some really do. That’s my experience. They support with new contacts, forwarding on an event invite or sharing tips and ideas. And some are just there to answer a question whenever needed. When I take a photo or I stand for a photo and if my readers love my photos and my texts, then it’s worth standing in the cold and being stared at, by passers by.

No, we are not ashamed of our passion and we will do what we can to get that perfect shot. Finally – slowly, slowly, slowly it starts: Not only the big fashion brands in the world are taking us Bloggers serious and do work with us on some of the big campaigns.

What’s all about it: Just the simple hope that we can inspire our readers visually and by our text. Work will often come with socialising. And we do work extremely hard for what we want to do. We are travelling the world and capturing it all for our Blog, to share with and inspire our readers.

For you, just for you!
And a bit for ourselves – of course!!

Photo: Enric Boixadós

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5 Antworten zu All about Blogging

  1. leonieloewin schreibt:

    Liebe Sabine, damit hast Du wahrscheinlich ausgesprochen, was viele Blogger täglich denken und erleben. Gefällt mir sehr. Liebe Grüße Leonie

  2. anette schreibt:

    Wie schön! Dem kann ich nur zustimmen! Ich freue mich ja ganz besonders dich so kennengelernt zu haben 🙂
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Berlin,

    P.S.: Ich sehe gerade, dass aus irgendeinem Grund der Follow-Button für deinen Blog nicht mehr aktiviert ist. Da muss ich den Fehler doch gleich beheben! Sicher ein WordPressproblem …

  3. marichen21 schreibt:

    Danke, liebe Sabine!
    🙂 ❤ 🙂
    Viele liebe Grüße

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