Scottish Pub Tradition

L1170458 (Large)Are you looking for good beer, a great atmosphere or just a hip location? Scotland has it. So many excellent pubs are waiting for you. It is just difficult to choose the best. But here are my 5 suggestions in Edinburgh.

Indeed Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most haunted cities. The Pub The White Hart Inn is no exception. It stands out with its legacy. Claimed to be Edinburgh’s oldest pub, with parts of the building and cellar dating back to 1516, the remainder of the pub is said to descend from 1740. The name dates back to an incident in 1128 when King David I encountered a white deer while hunting in what is now Holyrood Park.

The White Hart Inn was voted Edinburgh’s most haunted Pub in 2005! Did you know? The Beehive Inn, Black Bull, Greyfriars Bobby and Captains Bar are more choices.

L1170459 (Large) L1170460 (Large) L1170280 (Large) L1170267 (Large)

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3 Antworten zu Scottish Pub Tradition

  1. Alexander Lautsyus schreibt:

    Sabine, your intriging post provoke me to visit this lovely city. Thank you for introduction! Lol…

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