The early bird …

DSCF7045 (Large)I’ve never been a morning person. For example: Waking up with the birds is just unbearable. For me! Their appointment as productive, pre-punctual role models is unwarranted. At least on the weekends. It is definitely not my way. I can sort of understand why one might wake up early for travelling or Christmas — not so much for worms (as birds do!).

I didn’t even know if it was possible to change the daily rhythm. To me, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who sleep in, and those who are hyperactive. Still, this seems to be my only solution. Birds really do get a lot done.

DSC_8413 (Large)And there is another thing how a bad day starts: Waking up a half hour past the FIRST time the alarm goes off (great!), race to the bathroom to get ready, and hurry up to work.

Nevertheless, wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some really enjoyable sleep! Just a couple of days left of August (again, where did the summer go?!), let’s try to make the most out of it! Have sweet days and good dreams.


Photos: Enric Boixadós (1), Inge Schroeder (1)

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9 Antworten zu The early bird …

  1. ODIE schreibt:

    Hello you two. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. I am a sleep in doggy as well. 10 AM is a good time any earlier is too early. As I am going to work with my MOMMY every morning I have to get up at 6 AM which I am not too keen about at all. I always get up later than my MOMMY and then she has to drag me out of the house. You see we are a lot alike. Talk to you soon. Love Odie

  2. Das Bild ist wunderschön !
    Ich werde immer früh wach ..ob ich will oder nicht .

  3. Ihr Schlafnasen ! Wir sind immer früh auf und können euch wecken kommen ! 🙂
    Das Bild ist wunderschön . L.g Anja und Donna

  4. kormoranflug schreibt:

    Yes I like it. Birds doing always the same to be a early bird.

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