The early bird …

DSCF7045 (Large)I’ve never been a morning person. For example: Waking up with the birds is just unbearable. For me! Their appointment as productive, pre-punctual role models is unwarranted. At least on the weekends. It is definitely not my way. I can sort of understand why one might wake up early for travelling or Christmas — not so much for worms (as birds do!).

I didn’t even know if it was possible to change the daily rhythm. To me, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who sleep in, and those who are hyperactive. Still, this seems to be my only solution. Birds really do get a lot done.

DSC_8413 (Large)And there is another thing how a bad day starts: Waking up a half hour past the FIRST time the alarm goes off (great!), race to the bathroom to get ready, and hurry up to work.

Nevertheless, wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some really enjoyable sleep! Just a couple of days left of August (again, where did the summer go?!), let’s try to make the most out of it! Have sweet days and good dreams.


Photos: Enric Boixadós (1), Inge Schroeder (1)


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Journalistin aus Leidenschaft, Tierschützerin mit Hingabe und neugierig auf das Leben. Ich stelle Fragen. Ich suche Antworten. Und ab und zu möchte ich die Welt ein Stückweit besser machen ... Manchmal gelingt es!
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9 Antworten zu The early bird …

  1. ODIE schreibt:

    Hello you two. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. I am a sleep in doggy as well. 10 AM is a good time any earlier is too early. As I am going to work with my MOMMY every morning I have to get up at 6 AM which I am not too keen about at all. I always get up later than my MOMMY and then she has to drag me out of the house. You see we are a lot alike. Talk to you soon. Love Odie

  2. Donna & die blinden Simulanten schreibt:

    Das Bild ist wunderschön !
    Ich werde immer früh wach ..ob ich will oder nicht .

  3. Donna & die blinden Simulanten schreibt:

    Ihr Schlafnasen ! Wir sind immer früh auf und können euch wecken kommen ! 🙂
    Das Bild ist wunderschön . L.g Anja und Donna

  4. kormoranflug schreibt:

    Yes I like it. Birds doing always the same to be a early bird.

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