Portugal: Challenging the waves

L1190040 (Large) L1190032 (Large)To learn surfing is difficult. Especially when the waves are big and scary!

L1190047 (Large)You drag your board in the water, swim against the incoming current, jump on, wait for the right wave, put your board into position, and then go with the flow, get up on your legs, try to keep your balance for only some seconds, then fall in the ocean, get dragged again with the current, try to get your board back, gasp for air, get on it, paddle out, and then do it all over and over again!

Until you are so exhausted that you don’t feel your body anymore. That’s all about catching the best wave …L1190041 (Large)

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6 Antworten zu Portugal: Challenging the waves

  1. ODIE schreibt:

    I really hope you enjoyed it. I would NEVER go into the water with those waves. Love Odie

  2. Margareta Gilch schreibt:

    Wie wunderbar was du alles machen kannst. Die die es schon richtig gut können sind glaub ich eins mit den Wellen. Es sieht so aus für mich. Also Sabine bleib dran!!!!!

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