Kurz nachgebellt: The Narbonnaise Gate or The Levis Bridge

L1180855 (Large)That’s the entrance to the castle. Built around 1280 during the reign of Philippe III (the Bold!!) it is consisting of 2 enormous projecting towers.

Folks, this is the checking point for my visitors. Need some more guards. Which of you like to send me an application? Conditions are patient, polite with the guests and some knowledge of Martial Arts. Also you should have some diplomatic skills for negotiations when some visitors are not welcome.L1180869 (Large)

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Eine Antwort zu Kurz nachgebellt: The Narbonnaise Gate or The Levis Bridge

  1. ODIE schreibt:

    Dear Gaston, I do think that Nacho might be your dog. I am sure that he would be the perfect canidate for this employment. I hope you find the right canidates for this very important job. The first impression is what counts. Good Luck with your choice. Love Odie

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