Mary Quant and Hippie Times

The great bunch of international students back in the 1980s in Albany. Dianne is the woman in the back on the left hand side.

The great bunch of international students back in the 1980s in Albany. Dianne is the woman in the back on the left hand side.

Do you remember my Post on my favorite blue shirt? Dianne, the former owner of it, wrote me some lovely words, full of memories and affection.

Hi Sabine,

what a treat!  You are the Life Style Go-To-Gal.  Inge, your photographer, captures
you.  The shirt shows you off.  But you look good in anything.

I remember our time spent at SUNYA and your apartment on Central Avenue, Albany with all the „international“ students.  I liked that you guys had a rice cooker which was used every day – that is a testimony to you truly being an international bunch.

Looking back further – when I spent time in Iran and India and then settled in Montreal.  I met Ron Welton who had a fabulous way with fashion.  He was always in my closet and thought „your blue shirt“ (the indigo-blue shirt) was the prize.  I saved it for you
because, as he would say, it shows you off.  You and Ron would have been great friends, and, I think, you seeing his art work (which is a self-portrait) would agree.  He has a flair.

Di5The girls in the photos were my roommates at the University of Maryland when we were getting our bachelor’s degree long, long time ago.  This was before „hippies“ – we were wearing Mary Quant and sweater-skirt sets.  Then we graduated . . .

I found these old pictures of us – dressed as Hippies back in the day.  Anne and John are on a trek in Nepal, Marlene is modelling hip-hugger, bell bottoms, and me – Bill Lirange drew me at some Peace Corps apartment in Tehran.

Love, Dianne


Über sl4lifestyle

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5 Antworten zu Mary Quant and Hippie Times

  1. DI&DZ schreibt:

    What a fabulous „Trip“ back to the Sixties!
    Love, TANGOMAN

  2. DI&DZ schreibt:

    What a fabulous „Trip“ back to thee Sixties
    Love, TANGOMAN

  3. DI&DZ schreibt:

    What a faulous „Trip“ Back to the SIxties1
    Love, TANGOMAN

  4. DI&DZ schreibt:

    Thanks for the memories.
    Love, Dianne

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