People pleasing rarely pleases everyone

DSCF0776 (Large)Whether they are in your head or stood right in front of you, negative voices are all around us. They aim to fill your head with self doubt and discourage you from your goals. I’ve encountered this kind of negativity in all walks of life and I’ve learned to see straight through to the insecurity within. After all, people will only try to bring you down if you are above them.

By the way, failure is even a good thing. Without failure I wouldn’t know what success really is, so although it may be tough and hard to swallow, I will look back one day and realise how many negative situations turned out to have a positive impact on me and who I became.

People pleasing rarely pleases everyone. Standing up for and asserting myself will do wonders for my confidence, especially in my own abilities. Knowing who you are and how to vocalise that, even if it doesn’t please those in question really is liberating and good for our stress levels.

It is important to choose inspirers carefully and not just base them on the latest trends.

Good Luck!

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2 Antworten zu People pleasing rarely pleases everyone

  1. Die Geschichte vom Bauern mit den wandernden Bohnen in den Taschen passt ganz gut zu deinem Artikel, finde ich:
    Es gibt so viele interessante und schöne Dinge / Phänomene, man muss sie nur erkennen und die eigene Wahrnehmung dafür schärfen. Ich glaube, dass negatives Denken viel mit Bequemlichkeit zu tun hat und wie du so treffend geschrieben hast, mit mangelndem (Selbst)Bewusstsein. Liebe Grüße, Christine

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