About Yoga and a special Yogi

Yoga can play a part in the process of self-discovery. I was always sceptical because I am not the very spiritual type of person. But after a long period of trying different styles I discovered Yin Yoga, also called Gentle Yoga. Thanks to my Yoga teacher Summer in Kosamui, Thailand, last year (www.summerdien.com).

Though I do Yoga not out of any spiritual motivation but just to strengthen my body and especially my back. I had lots of back problems in the past and since I am doing Yin Yoga it gets better and better.L1200410 (Large)

During my last days in South India I stayed at Krishnatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort at Varkala. There I met Sunil Kumar. He is a Hatha Yoga teacher but also gave me advices to do my gentle yoga during his classes. Sunil is a master of Indian philosophy, speaks some languages and also Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. He has acquired his learning and knowledge over a period of 12 years at the Sivagiri Ashram, and at universities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Sunil’s class always begins gently with breathing and stretching, permitting the Yogis to slow the breath, the body and the mind. He speaks softly which lends itself to the feeling of peace and tranquillity. The class progresses with sun salutations and asana work. His class ends with a good sequence of relaxation. He works through the breath to relax every part of the body, and in so doing, reaches the mind and spirit. I felt my well-being and had a state of peacefulness in my mind.


E-Mail: sunilyogabhavan@hotmail.com

Book recommendation001

Anji Pink: Guruji and his Pearls of Wisdom, 8,32 Euro.

The book is entwined with the teachings of a very special Yogi. The place, the people, the teacher; all combine to weave a true story of life based in tropical Kerala. Guruji’s nine pearls of wisdom are assertiveness, peacefulness, letting go, trust, dreams, kindness, detachment, happiness and love. The choice, as always and in all things, is yours.


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2 Antworten zu About Yoga and a special Yogi

  1. Edgar Wang schreibt:

    Good post! I learned some thing new year. I really appreciate it. Keep on posting. Thanks a lot!

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