Malta – Island of the Knights

L1200659 (Large)I always wanted to visit Malta. It was on my bucket list for a long time. And now I was there. A new discovery, so magnificent and beautiful. With lots of rich history. I will start with the capital of Valletta and the Three Cities of Vittoriosa, Isla and Bormla, which are just across the Grand Harbour and only a stone’s throw away from Valletta. Left largely unvisited, these Three Cities are a slice of authentic life as well as a glimpse into Malta’s maritime fortunes.

Be prepared for great castles, stunning palaces, small beaches, and majestic sites on this gorgeous and historic island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I will introduce you to Malta’s treasures during the next weeks, here at sl4lifestyle!

Enjoy with me the travel to the Mediterranean! Have a great spring wherever you are!


Photo: Enric Boixadós

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6 Antworten zu Malta – Island of the Knights

  1. Was mit Worten schreibt:

    Oh, looking forward to this! I would love to travel to Malta!

  2. Anita schreibt:

    Tolles Foto 🙂

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