Dog Law in Denmark/Dänisches Hundegesetz


An einem Strand auf der hundefreundlichen Insel Texel in Holland. Foto: Enric Boixadós

Letter from an owner of a Ridgeback who lives in Kopenhagen, Denmark.
Again, I advice you as a dogowner and –lover not to travel to Denmark. As a former dog owner I know that almost all dogs have sometimes fights with their mates. It is impossible to control it.

„Hi Sabine,

yes, the dog law has an effect on Denmark. A lot of dogs have been put to sleep by the police if they have attacked another dog even though it is sometimes hard to prove which dog started the fight. I listen very often that it is the biggest dog that get blaimed! Luckly I have not any information that the new dog law have affected any Ridgebacks in Denmark.

I think it is really unfair to blaim the biggest dog! I lost my Ridgeback 4 months ago due to sickness but before this I was very carefull with him, e.g. if we attended a dog show with a lot of different breeds. The only time my boy ever was bitten (no serious injuries) was at dog shows twice and he was bitten by small breeds. I was so afraid that he would bite back, but he was so surprised therefore he did not react, looked at his Mum (me!) for help. Lucky me!

I know there is quite a lot of focus from Germany and UK about this Danish law, and people do not want to visit Denmark with their dogs. I do understand! I still have my 2 labradors, we are going now on vacation in Denmark in a beach area and I will for sure watch out where I let them run free. I know they both have an excellent behavior since their focus is 100% of fetching the ball for Mum (me!) instead on focusing on other dogs.“

The writer is a friend of Gaston Vizsla. Therefore I know that this statement is absolutely correct.

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4 Antworten zu Dog Law in Denmark/Dänisches Hundegesetz

  1. Nancy Kleven schreibt:

    Same in Norway. If your dog is involved in an episode where a person claimes to have been bitten or feel threathend by the dog in any ways, the police can come get your dog. We have gotten 2 warnings from the police. I am afraid 3th time is fatal… But you have the right to let your dog be evaluated by a behaviour dog spesialist. In the mean time you have to pay for your dogs kennel, an endles amount of money in an endless amount of time. We talked about this at home and decided, that if this happends to us, we think that being seperated from us, is so painfull and harmfull for the dog, that we will put her to sleep right away. Saddest thing, so unfair. Hope it never happends. I think i can become the one dangerous, like a mother who protect her child….putting the dogs behaviour in the shadow😤😩😰

  2. Hilfe für Miranda schreibt:

    Das ist echt ein total bescheuertes Gesetzt. Ich habe früher regelmäßig mit meinen Deutschen Doggen, Urlaub in Dänemark gemacht. Das war so toll! Die Dänen sind ein sehr hundefreundliches Volk. Es gab nie Probleme. Wir haben die menschenleeren Strände genossen. Lange Spaziergänge bei Wind und Wetter am Meer gemacht. Es gab so viele, sehr schöne Ferienhäuser, in denen Hunde erlaubt waren. Die Dogge durfte sogar mit ins Restaurant. Wie gesagt, es gab nie Probleme. Dänemark war ein wahres Hundeparadies. Seitdem es das neue Hundegesetzt gibt, fahren wir nicht mehr nach Dänemark. Es ist uns einfach zu gefährlich für unseren Hund!
    LG Susanne

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