About Gratitude

Sabine Ludwig 2015-7492 (Large)Gratitude does not solely revolve on being thankful for things when I received it. It’s about being thankful for everything. It’s something so simple, yet we get in our own heads long enough that it turns complex and we just forget. When you lose someone you love, when things are falling apart and things aren’t going the way you had planned. It’s easy to forget. Yet we tend to focus on things we don’t have enough of, instead of things we already have.

Small, tiny mindful moments that has the magnitude to shift realms. Like waking up to the golden light shining through your window and watching a galaxy of dust float through it. Or remembering to look up at the night sky when it’s so dark that you can see the Milky Way. Or when a complete stranger gets out of their own way to help you when you need it the most. Or when you’re diving under the ocean waves and they bring you the sudden clarity of how tiny you are in the universe. Or the way the last light of the day disappears into the ocean.

That’s when you feel it. That’s when you close your eyes and feel gratitude. Then the universe comes flooding in.

Have a good weekend wherever you are. With love from Germany!

Foto: Nicola Mesken

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3 Antworten zu About Gratitude

  1. Was mit Worten schreibt:

    Liebe Sabine, ich habe deinen tollen Blog gerade für den Liebster Award nominiert. Du kannst ja mal schauen, ob du mitmachen möchtest: https://wasmitworten.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/liebster-award/ Liebe Grüße! Martina

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